Dedicating Their Lives
To Those In Need

We are the Franciscan friars of Holy Name Province, a branch of the worldwide Roman Catholic fraternity of the Order of Friars Minor that was founded by St. Francis of Assisi in 1223. As friars, we live in the communities to which we minister so that we may better serve our sisters and brothers by experiencing life alongside them.

The Franciscan Friars follow the teachings and example of our founder,
St. Francis of Assisi. His way was to follow in the footsteps of Jesus by living simply and helping those less fortunate, forgotten, unaccepted and rejected by our society. At its most basic, this means providing food and shelter for those in need.

Our ultimate goal is to move people out of poverty by providing opportunities for education, counseling, drug rehabilitation services, job coaching and more. In short, we provide the crucial services that empower people to live their lives with dignity and purpose, free from poverty. 

St. Francis did not have any particular work or apostolate in mind when he founded his Order. He knew only that he and his brothers had encountered God’s love in their own lives and thus had to proclaim that love to all people, following in the footsteps of Jesus.


“It is said that when you meet a Franciscan Friar you can’t wait to meet the next one. Every Friar is different and often colorful and filled with joy and a good sense of humor!”

Today, the Franciscan friars of Holy Name Province also desire to be a dynamic, evangelizing brotherhood, bringing God’s Good News into the everyday experience of all people in a variety of ways, primarily through parish ministry, education and campus ministry, diverse urban ministry centers, direct service to the poor, preaching and spiritual centers, foreign missions, and the work of our hands. 


Holy Name Province is an evangelical and missionary fraternity called to minister in the Eastern United States and abroad. Rooted in the Catholic and Franciscan tradition, we are disciples of Christ who seek to bring the Gospel into the everyday experiences of all people through Franciscan witness, popular preaching, teaching, and pastoral leadership. We foster Christian discipleship by collaborating with those whom we serve and by standing in solidarity with all people, especially the alienated, the immigrant, and the poor.

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100% of your donation goes to ministries providing services to the poor, assisting in the education of young Friars, and the care for our elderly Friars who have cared for so many for so long. Help the Friars continue to provide for those most in need.